Hi, Bev here and welcome to my spot. I am a newbie to blogging so you can bet I am excited! I  realized that I may not have the best blog spot and I will encounter bloopers. All I ask is for you guys to help me out there;  My goal is to enhance my blog here to greatness and lots of fun.

Let me tell you a bit about what I do. Okay, the company is Kitsylane and Kitsy provides a beautiful line of jewelry and accessories. I am a boutique owner through Kitsylane. The name of my boutique is “Exotic Creations”.  I just market or share my line of exotic creations to others. Each week I run a flash sale which always spikes curiosity among my friends. I don’t have to worry about any packing, shipping, handling or even customer servicing because the company does all of that for me. They even give awesome online support and is always a phone call away.

Do you want to know what I love most?  Well, it would have to be sharing this same opportunity with others with a flair for beautiful jewelry and accessories to run their very own boutique and did I mention the word Free. That is one of the greatest things about this, you see most companies I researched wanted fees for their opps.  and monthly overheads. In this economy, I kept searching until I found a few things that I could enjoy doing without being out of an arm and leg.  Now,  the rest is up to me and I am going “to the other side” with or without my friends. The cliché “you can lead one to water; but you can’t make ’em drink” is so true.

Just thought blogging would help keep me focus and on track….the fun way (lol)!