I ran into this article by Cary Wickell  and thought it would be a great share. I can remember just a few  years before “Exotic Creations”  while handcrafting and creating my beaded jewelry line. I noticed a remarkable difference on the lengths of my necklaces due to varying body structures. Just because it’s 24 inches  or whatever doesn’t mean it will apear to look the part.  Necklaces length appearances may vary according to your body structure.  A thought to ponder when choosing a desire necklace length. You may also consider this when choosing your bracelets as well. Know the right measurements to accomodate and tailor your body type or frame. This can apply to the men also, who buy for their significant others.


Guide to Necklaces

Necklace Terms and a Look at Different Types of Necklaces

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Most necklaces measure one of several standard lengths, but you’ll find there’s a huge variation of styles within each length category. If your overall build is larger or smaller than what’s considered average, necklaces will fit you differently. Let the lengths of necklaces you already guide you to new favorites, or go shopping and try on necklaces of different lengths before you order a necklace sight-unseen.

Adjustable Necklaces

Many necklaces have extra links of some kind at one end so that the clasp on the other end can attach in different places to adjust the length. The decorative chains that are often used for ends are attractive when they dangle at the back of your neck. Adjustable necklaces are good choice when you’re giving a gift and aren’t sure which length to buy.

A clasp can add 3/4″ or more to length. When you’re shopping online read descriptions carefully to find out if clasp lengths are included in the overall length given for each necklace.


Hope this was helpful!