How grand would it be to have our jewelry look sparkling and new during each wear.  Simply by cleaning our jewelry on a regular basis or as needed we could possibly achieve that effect.  When worn frequently or even infrequently jewelry can accumulate micro layers of dirt and grime. Also there are pathogens (germs) that appear not to exist on our jewelry. As with our body, clean jewelry plays a big role in our daily hygiene. Also, if jewelry is not cleaned properly and regularly the appearance may seem dull with a loss of the sparkle appeal. Therefore, clean your jewelry on a regular basis or with a very gentle and non abrasive cleaning agent after and before each wear.

Now let’s discuss using the right technique and cleaning tools to clean your jewelry. You will be amazed how much money you can save using  cleaning agents you may have lying around in your home. However, it is always wise to first refer to your jeweler before using home-made cleaning solutions even though they may be safe.  Before cleaning older or antique jewelry check the condition or state that the jewelry is in; Look for fragments, or worn out weak clasp, links or anything that could affect the jewelry’s ability to hold up in the solution due to its fragile state. Otherwise, most jewelry will do fine in the right solutions prepared from home. The technique and home cleaning solution I will give in my listed tips:

* If cleaning silver, gold or gemstones you can use isopropyl alcohol. Just let them set for a   few hours.

*Do a thorough rinse

*Prepare your cleaning solution consisting of a half cup of ammonia diluted with 2 cups of water.

*You will need a soft bristle toothbrush or any miniature brush with soft non abrasive bristles. (Never use abrasive brush to clean your jewelry to avoid scratching).

* Brush the solution on the silver, gold or gemstone gently. Turn the jewelry in the solution exposing all angles, to get in between the crevasse, cracks and grooves where bacteria harbors.

*Rinse your jewelry in either warm or cool water (avoid hot or cold extremities)

*Allow to dry

*Finish touch with a clean terry cloth or clean microfiber cloth for the polish, not only will your jewelry be clean but should be sparkly and shiny as new.


by  Beverly S.