Social Commerce Newbie Kitsy Lane Grows 1400% the First Month


1400% growth the first month – craziness

kitsy lane, social commerce, dailydealmedia.comSocial commerce newbie Kitsy Lane has emerged on the scene with an extremely innovative and easy to use marketing platform. The company allows anyone to become boutique owners; running and managing their own jewelry and accessory store online. The cyber storefront managers can pick and choose their own time and possibly make money while doing so.

Anyone that may already have pieces to sell or can procure items for sale can easily create his or her own online storefront without forking out money for a ‘starter kit’, building a website, managing inventory or bulky roadshow display cases. Are you ready for this? The company is offering it completely free. The business model has been so successful that Kitsy Lane boutique owners has exploded from a beta of 250 to over 3,500 in one month – an unbelievable 1400% growth in new users since the start-up launched July 24, 2012.

According to the press release, Kitsy Lane founder Andy Fox excitedly proclaimed; “We are overwhelmed by the growth we’ve seen. Thekitsy lane, social commerce, boutique owner community and their customer bases are building beyond expectations. We’re finding that boutique owners are excited to leverage their networks to build a long term business for themselves rather than passing customers to existing commerce businesses.”

Average people with no specialized skills

So far, over 3500 average individuals with no start-up capital or specialized skills are hoping to, or are already cashing in on social commerce boom through Kitsy Lane. The company’s platform allows business owners time to focus on expanding their boutique traffic through social networking. Forget about eBay, this a chance for extra income in a down economy without paying ‘commissions’ or getting fees forced up the ying yang.

Kitsy Lane boutique owner Nicole Chow says, “Kitsy Lane makes running a business easy to manage. The more technical aspects of running an online shop take care of themselves, leaving only the fun tasks to the boutique owner, such as picking out inventory, making personal recommendations and networking with new customers.”

The company’s built-in CRM and automated sales and marketing engine does a lot of the heavy lifting for its customers (boutique owners), sending out daily, highly-polished, customized emails akin to that of corporate-level fashion retailers and 24-hour sale sites with a rotating inventory of new, hard-to-find, and on-trend merchandise.

I’d highly suggest checking out You may find something of interest on the site to purchase, or you may find yourself as one of the company’s newest boutique owners.


Kitsy Lane is the industry’s first and only social commerce platform that enables anyone to open their own fashion boutique—from college students and stay-at-home moms, to fashion bloggers, stylists, celebrities, and even the fashionista next-door—as the Kitsy Lane Platform harnesses the power of their social networks to sell exclusive pieces from emerging jewelry and accessories designers. Kitsy Lane not only eliminates startup costs, time commitment, and other headaches typically associated with running a home-based business, but like an online version of The Girls shopping trip to the mall, Kitsy Lane also allows its boutique owners to share and sell their favorite pieces with friends, family, and beyond. With Kitsy Lane, boutique owners will simultaneously grow their customer bases and their Kitsy Lane boutique business, acting as the new personal shopping consultant of the digital age.