The (Free) Style Bonus: Felicity


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Jewelry 101: Garnet

The warrior’s stone

Garnet, which we tend to think of as a dark red stone, actually occurs in a multitude of hues – every one, in fact, except for blue. The birthstone of January (and associated with the sign Capricorn), the vibrant stone may appear to change color when taken from daylight to incandescent light (but only slightly). The rarest color is a brilliant, bright green hue. Read More

Style Challenge: For the Red Carpet

Awards season is (finally) here!

If you’re anything like us, we’ve had Jan. 10th (Critics’ Choice), Jan. 13th (Golden Globes), Jan. 27th (SAG), and Feb. 24th (The Oscars) blocked off since, oh, pretty much last year. Between catching up on our film watching and daydreaming of what we’d wear if we received an invite, this time of year finds us with stars in our eyes.

We wanted to pass along some of the magic by throwing out a challenge: style your red carpet look and share it with us on Facebook! And we were simply wowed by your submissions. Read More

Designer Spotlight: Yvette Craddock

Yvette Craddock, the designer and visionary behind her eponymous line, is a real treat. She’s practically brimming over with inspiration and passion (not to mention exceptionally great style)! Have a listen, and don’t hesitate to snag one of her creations in this week’s sale.

How did you get your start with jewelry and fashion? I began collecting jewelry years ago and discovered that I really couldn’t consistently find the type of unique statement pieces that I desired through one outlet. That discovery triggered my idea to create a source dedicated to beautiful, unique statement jewelry from a variety of artistic viewpoints. I developed the Style Folio collection to include the works of other artists. Shortly thereafter, one of my dearest friends encouraged me to design my own jewelry. One day I sat down and the designs just began to pour from my soul.

My love of fashion started when my parents accepted an invitation for me to begin modeling at the age of five. Their intent was to involve me in a new activity that would help me to overcome my shyness. Their idea worked. My coy nature was cured and my appetite for fashion and fabulous design grew – along with my closet space.

What goes into your designs? I start my creative process by laying out all of my gemstones and findings. Most of the time, I allow the gemstones to guide my vision and create designs in the moment. Sometimes I dream about a design, or one will come to me while I am running. I typically finish a design in one setting. Other times, I will begin a search for that extra ingredient that gives the piece its essence. I know that a piece is finished when I experience an indescribable feeling of wholeness and happiness.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered? My biggest obstacle has been helping women to understand their beauty and personal power. When I first started to do trunk shows, I observed women who were afraid to touch the jewelry even with polite encouragement. It dawned on me that these women were actually afraid of their personal power and not the jewelry. Since that time, I look at this initial obstacle as an opportunity to nurture and encourage women to honor themselves.

Best business advice you’ve ever received? Pursue your passion.

Best style advice you’ve ever received? A friend who graduated from Parsons told me that style is not about a designer label or price tag. It is about identifying the right elements that make you look and feel your best and that truly reflect you.

What’s your favorite material to work with? I love working with gemstones for their natural beauty, healing properties, and spiritual significance.

Where do you get your inspiration? Everywhere. I reference inspiration from colors, nature, films, magazines, photos, art… and the list continues. Each component is a source of design inspiration that truly dictates the story behind each piece of jewelry.

How do you stay refreshed? Any places you like to go to get away? I spend a significant amount of time in nature (the woods and oceans are my favorite places) to stay connected to the earth, spiritually balanced and to listen to my own creative voice. Exercise is also a critical lifestyle ingredient that keeps my mind focused and strong and my heart open. The ideas and inspirations flow when I enter a calming state of uninhibited bliss.

How would you define personal style? Personal style is about celebrating your individuality and combines how you dress, behave, walk, speak, and groom yourself. For apparel, style is identifiable through timeless signature pieces that combine line, color, shape, silhouette, texture, pattern, designers, periods, accessories, and more. How you wear your hair and apply your makeup is part of your presentation. I think personal style benefits from consistency with an element of unpredictability.

You have five words to describe your style… go. Alluring, sophisticated, boho-gypsy, dramatic, and global.

Tell us about your closet. (Well, what’s inside…) All kinds of yummy items – suits, dresses, slacks, blouses, blazers, jackets, sweaters, handbags, hats, shoes, and boots (mostly stilettos), formal attire (gowns, dresses, skirts, and blouses), capes, ponchos, coats, scarves and gloves. My wardrobe is an extension of my art collection. It is full of color and imagination anchored by basic black in unconventional interpretations. I mix designer and vintage with my own designs crafted by my tailor. Every item is uniquely me. My purchase philosophy is to invest in quality and take care of these investments so that I can keep them for years.

Any tips on styling your pieces? Although most of my designs are on the elegant side, every piece can be worn with a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. The key to wearing my jewelry is to have fun and celebrate your individuality. Customers have worn jewelry in an unconventional way such as wearing a long necklace as a belt. I suggest mixing pieces to create interesting textures and pattern combinations for a more visually dynamic impact.

Any style philosophy to pass along? Find your voice and purchase only those items from apparel to accessories that truly reflect your individuality.

Announcing the Winners of Jewelette: Round 6

Tips from Toni: The Colorblocking Trend

Here at Kitsy Lane, we couldn’t help making some style-related resolutions. Topping our list is the commitment to try some new trends – so we’re kicking things off with a closer look at colorblocking. We brought in Toni Ferrera, stylist extraordinaire, to give us her insider’s take on the trend.

First off, describe the trend for us: Color blocking is when you pair 2-3 colors together. It can be done with blazers, tops, skirts, pants, shoes, and yes! – even jewelry.

How do you like to wear it? I like to choose colors close together on the color wheel (remember the whole ROYGBV in art class)? For example, try a turquoise top with cobalt blue jeans. I also love to pair shades of the same color together, ie, a red top with a pink pencil skirt. Remember, opposites attract!

What’s the fashion industry’s take on it? The fashion industry’s a fan of color blocking, just keep in mind these simple rules: 1. Stick with two colors. No one ever said Rainbow Bright was a style icon! Work with the hues that work for you. 2. Solids never steer you wrong. A big mistake most people make is mixing colorblocking and prints! 3. Shoes are important, but too much color is overkill. Keeping in mind the “less is more” rule when it comes to finishing off the details of your very well-put-together colorblocking ensemble, it’s best to stay with nudes and black shoes.

How would you use jewelry to create a colorblocked look? Define your palette and let your colored jewelry be the accent of your outfit. Choose a shade from either your top or bottom to accentuate the colorblocking trend further. For example, a red blouse, dark purple jeans, and pink earrings work well together. The same red top and purple jeans could easily be paired with violet or plum accessories too. It’s your call – have fun with it!

Where would you wear a colorblocked look? I think there’s plenty of times to try colorblocking! At the office, spruce up your work ensemble with a colored slack or pencil skirt. Date night or an evening out with the girls is also the perfect occasion.

How do you use jewelry to build the look? I think big, bold jewelry balanced with gold or silver really creates a beautiful harmony with a colorblocked outfit.

Our 2013 Resolutions

This is the year. We’re resolving to take our look up a whole new notch, and we’re using jewelry to do it. Here’s how we’re getting started:

1. Sparkle every day!

Sparkle and shine will never, ever get old. Here at Kitsy Lane, it’s our raison d’etre – our reason for being. And we’re resolving to bring it to you every day, from the hottest merchandise to a better and better shopping experience. More ways to get inspired is on the horizon, too!

2. Try a new trend.

Whether it’s something we’ve been dying to try, or something we thought we’d never try, we’re giving it a whirl. Open minds, right? From color trends to of-the-moment silhouettes, our sales this year will be stocked full of pieces to challenge and inspire our styling selves.

3. Organize our jewelry box.

Yes, this means we’ll inevitably have to throw out some things. (Better yet, donate your once-loved style! Thrift stores, schools, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations are always worthy causes, and your donations can be tax-deductible, too.) Young daughters, nieces, and friends’ kids might also love your extras. Need some inspiration before you get started with sorting out the tangles? Check out this Pinterest board!

4. Master the art of layering.

It’s time to stop envying those friends who always have it together – we’re diving in 110% and mastering the layered look. Our plan: to start with simple, versatile pieces that can be staples for all the years to come, and build up from there.

5. Share style.

Whether that means playing the give-and-take game with a friend or dishing out styling ideas, we’re doing it. No more fear! You can be sure we’ll be sharing about Kitsy Lane every chance we get, and we’ll be debuting more easy tools to get the word out soon.


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