The Lucille Ring Review

The Lucille Ring is crafted of an organic shaped amber tiger’s eye surrounded by clear crystal bling. This statement ring will look great with both jeans for a girls night out and a funky dress for the museum gala. Stretch fit

I bought this Lucille Ring some weeks ago. To be honest I bought it because during the time it fell into my excess “budget bag” . I knew if I believed in the products I couldn’t really become a genuine believer until I made purchases myself. How can I truly promote my products if I haven’t tried them myself. Does that make sense? Well, it made all the sense in the world to me. Sometimes, finances do not allow people to promote products the way they would love to, however, whenever finances work out people buy, wear, promote and believe in your products. If I did not like these products I would not stick around…end of conversation.

Now, let’s get back to this beautiful Lucille Ring…honestly this ring was not my fave but as I stated budget wise it worked for me during that particular time.

Far and behold, when the Lucille Ring was delivered to me along with a few other items; I could not believe how decieving the pic was on the website (or online boutique) for this amazing ring! I was simply blown away. The stone was so breath taking and I am giving this ring a 5 stars! One of my biggest fears in buying rings is that my weight fluctuates frequently affecting changes in my ring size and I never know whether the ring will be a perfect fit. However, with the Lucille Ring, it was a win-win because the ring comes in as a “strecth fit” which contours and forms a perfect fit for your finger.

I let one of my mom-models “flash” or advertise the ring by wearing it to work and she has not returned this beauty yet (lol)! Initially, I fell in love with the price of the ring, to say the least the price has gone up since. I pray for the day this ring goes down in price. I can run a sale on it but I am drooling for the original price of purchase. If ever I see the same bargain I am buying more.

The moral of the story is, when you see value…grab it! Nothing too good last forever and it can be counted as your personal blessing. Don’t get me wrong, beauty is worth the price and if you can afford it, I suggest you buy this one. I dont think you will be dissapointed. Just remember, to always do what works for you and your budget. I am such a jewelry lover, I pray for the day when I can see value and beauty and swoop it up without any price barriers or low budgets to consider. Thanks for reading my review on my Lucille Ring.