– Clear/silver resin hexagons connected with gold-tone links
– 14″ long necklace with 2″ extender
– 3 1/2″ long bib front
– Lobster claw clasp with heart fob

Bea Necklace Review

As promised, here is my review of the Bea Necklace which I bought some weeks ago. In my opinion, the pic. does not give true justice to this necklace. When I first saw this necklace in my Exotic Creations boutique, I thought it looked rather unique in structure, however it was a bit hard to figure out anything else other than the price was hot! Speaking of price as I am reviewing this necklace, I notice the price has gone up tremendously from what I paid. Maybe, it was an introductory price for the new item. I am not sure, however, I also noticed today that this necklace is sold out. My guess is the word is out on this beautiful necklace!

Okay, when I opened the pretty black box to look at this necklace; I was completely blown away! I didn’t expect the necklace to be as beautiful as unique. I knew it looked unique by the pic. on the site but the pic does injustice to this darling “baby” when it comes to beauty. Honestly, this is a great cosmetic piece of jewelry to add to your cosmetic collection. If you love cosmetic than you will simply crave and adore this gorgeous necklace.

Also, when viewing the jewelry on the site, to help you to see a better pic. of what the jewelry looks like; I would suggest you click on the “quick-view” option. It magnifies the pics. so you are able to get a great close up shot of the product.

Thanks, for reading my review on the Bea Necklace.